COVID-19 Update 3/27/2020

DISCLAIMER: This one of many regular updates that ELCMC is providing. This posting exists to make previous updates more easily accessible, so some information provided may now be outdated.

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Financial Support Action Sheet

Mobile Hand Washing Station

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

We made it through the week! Since we cant hug each other – give yourself a hug! 😊  We are so proud of how all of you are enduring this difficult time and appreciate the efforts each of you have made to lift up and support the families in your care, your staff, and yourselves! We also appreciate all you have done to support us as we work to find supports for you!

To wrap up the week we want to just share a few new items with you including a few supports other providers have sent in – please find them below:

ELCMC Update:

  • INCETIVE TO SUPPORT SCHOOL READINESS PROVIDERS WHO ARE ABLE TO REMAIN OPEN: See the attached Action Sheet approving $50/day payment to support Marion County School Readiness Providers remaining open effective March 16, 2020.
  • PROVIDER CLOSURES THROUGHOUT THE STATE: As of today, more than 4,000 child care providers have had to close their doors across the state of Florida. Closures are due to various reasons including lack of supplies, low attendance, potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. In Marion County, 35 providers have needed to close for the same reasons.
  • TRUMP SIGNS $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill as the US tries to prevent economic devastation:
  • Things to look forward to:
    • Guidance on completing attendance documents – Coming Monday, March 30th – DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ATTENDANCE IN EFS MOD UNTIL YOU SEE THE UPDATE!
    • Answers to Important Questions You have Submitted
    • Provider Meeting next Tuesday @ 1pm – Register HERE:
  • If you are planning to close, please send me an email and include the following:
    • Please let us know in writing if you do plan to close and include the following:
    • Site Name:
    • Closure Dates:
    • Anticipated Reopen Date:
    • Purpose For Closing:


  • Mobile Hand Washing Station – An easy way to create a handwashing station anywhere! à See attached amazing set up out at Building Blocks   Submitted by: Naylett Lopez, Building Blocks of Ocala Preschool
  • Wellness Policy – Many providers have a Sick Procedure or a Wellness Policy that they enforce to ensure a healthy and safe early childhood program. First Assembly Christian School has found success in utilizing the attached Wellness Secrets format. Submitted by: Earlene Carte, FACS
  • Finding food and cleaning supplies is HARD right now! Nana’s Infant and Children has a great contact that may work for your program AND for your Families! See the attached document. Submitted by: Janice Hamilton-Merritt, Nana’s Infant and Children Learning Center
  • Handling cash is GROSS on a normal day…right now though, it is downright DANGEROUS! Kid’s Kampus of Cala Hills is incorporating a new cashless payment system that uses technology to decrease the need to handle dirty dollars! Below is a great list of secure apps  and other alternatives that they have found useful. Submitted by Lisa Newton and Tom Gross, Kids Kampus of Cala Hills
    • Cash App
    • Apple Pay
    • PayPal
    • Check
    • Money Order

If you have a great idea to share, send it in! In the meantime…


Thank you,

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