School Readiness Provider Documents

Confidentiality in Child Care Statement 12.30.15
Provider Reclaim Form 7.1.16
SR Child Withdrawal Form
Request for Increased Reimbursement Rate for Children with Special Needs

VPK Provider Documents

VPK Child Withdrawal
VPK Classroom Transfer form
VPK Substitute Instructor Information
VPK Extended Absence Form
VPK 03L Child attendance & parental choice long form
VPK 03S Child attendance & parental choice short form

What I Learned in VPK! Teacher’s Guide
What I Learned in VPK! Child Portfolio

Provider How To:  Quick Tip Sheets for Providers

Provider Portal OEL Training Documents (EFS MOD)
Provider Portal User Guide 072921 
EFS Mod Quick Tips_Provider Reimbursement Report

Enrollments Tab
Provider How To – Accept – Reject Enrollment

Attendance Tab
Provider How To – SR Reimbursement Contract Rule

Provider How To – Flip PT to FT School Age Children
Provider How To – Guide to Attendance Processing
Provider How To – Reimbursement Reports
Provider How To – Temporary Closure
Provider How To – Reclaim Form

Provider How To – User Account Info Update

Quality Performance System

Provider Meeting Notes


Provider Resource Links

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