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Because of child care, the kids are very, very well-mannered and socialized. When the older one started kindergarten, it was not big deal.

— Leigh

It’s amazing what they were able to learn before they even started school. Now even in the summer, I see the learning continuing and I know they are safe while I continue to work.

— Juanita

Having this opportunity to receive financial assistance for childcare was a gift from God. We were struggling and I’m very thankful. She is learning so much. I could have paid less for her to be at home with a babysitter but I knew she wasn’t going to receive the educational opportunity and the interaction with other children.

— Adrianna

Huge weight off my shoulders, to pay for regular childcare I wouldn’t be able to pay my house payment.

— Kelly

Now I can put food on the table and pay my rent.

— Brianna

Childcare is the main key to our lives.

— Wakia
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