COVID-19 Update 3/26/2020

DISCLAIMER: This one of many regular updates that ELCMC is providing. This posting exists to make previous updates more easily accessible, so some information provided may now be outdated.


Good Afternoon Providers and Community Partners,

Today we continued to work on finding supplier options for food service and cleaning supplies for providers who are remaining open. Please see the attached list of resources that we have compiled. We will continue to add to these lists and research options ELCMC can support you directly.

  • We are still compiling the FAQs and communicating directly with our providers daily.
  • Please let us know in writing if you do plan to close and include the following:
    • Site Name:
    • Closure Dates:
    • Anticipated Reopen Date:
    • Purpose For Closing:

ATTENTION SITES THAT ARE TEMPORAILY CLOSING: If you decided to temporarily close and would like to donate any items to the sites that remain operational (gloves, cleaning supplies, unopened perishable items like milk, consumable art supplies) – please respond to this email with the items you have available and best contact information so we can arrange a connection for pick up.


And today we leave you with …

Thank you,

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