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Early Learning Coalition of Marion County, Florida

                                              GOOD BEGINNINGS = GREAT ENDINGS!

The Early Learning Coalition of Marion County is dedicated to providing children and families in our community with access to quality early learning programs that nurture their learning potential and prepare them for their educational success. It is our mission to provide leadership and foster partnerships to optimize a quality early learning environment for our children through child care, voluntary pre-kindergarten and parent education.

PHOTO RIGHT: Don't forget the simple pleasures in life!  Jimmy thinks it's pretty awesome getting to stick his feet in the wet sand for the first time and hopes his twin sister, Maggie, feels the same way.  Summer is almost here!

Please explore our website to learn more about the programs and resources we offer. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Got your SNUGGLE STORIES Code Yet??  The Barbara Bush Foundation & the Office of Early Learning have partnered to distribute a free, 30-day app which contains 40 book titles for children up to age 3.  You may request more than one 30 day code by visiting our office during regular business hours or from a staff member.

Vacancy for Gubernatorial Appointment to ELCMC Board of Directors

Vacancy for Faith-Based Provider Appointment to ELCMC Board of Directors

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Florida's Office of Early Learning







 Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.            

 Visit Florida Prepaid at

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