COVID-19 Update 4/2/2020

DISCLAIMER: This one of many regular updates that ELCMC is providing. This posting exists to make previous updates more easily accessible, so some information provided may now be outdated.

Good afternoon everyone,

Today was extremely busy with our community preparing for the Governors stay-at-home executive order to go into effect this evening. We urge everyone to stay calm and use the resources available to you. Here is a link to the entire order released yesterday for anyone interested in reviewing it: DeSantis Executive Order 2020-91


We suspect the number of children you have attending will drop as a result of this order. However, we are expecting approval any day now to provide fully funded child care to the children of first responders and healthcare workers regardless of their income levels. This may bring in more clients. It also applies to any clients you currently have as well. Referral forms will be sent to give to these parents as soon as we get final approval from the state.


For those of you that are open please consider remaining open as long as you can and as long as you think it is safe to do so. Remember you are being paid for every enrolled child whether you have a few or many children in care each day. With regard to your parents and deciding who is essential or not that is for each of them to decide. You do not have to be the essential police, leave that for law enforcement and others to enforce. We recommend that you serve whoever shows up as long as they are healthy, symptom and virus free.  However, if you run out of space to serve the children of truly essential parents, such as first responders, feel free to invoke these Executive Orders as justification to make room for those that need our care the most.


We have high need for qualified teachers who have the necessary background screening and credentials to teach in a classroom – if you have decided to close for this timeframe, please consider reaching out to your teaching staff and urge them to contact me (forward this email) and I will connect them with a provider who is in need to teachers in order to continue to serve essential working families. Currently Future Stars Preschool Academy (site name included by request) is looking to fill teaching position and has capacity to serve additional families.


$$$ Potential Financial Resources: (please research these in detail and see if they are a fit for you)

***NOTE***ELCMC cannot and will not endorse any product, only provide you with information so that you can review it and make an informed decision.


Guidance for Providers Serving High-Risk Children attending on a Referral:

Current DCF requirement at this time: Unless the child or someone in the household has a compromised immune system or they have flu-like symptoms and they have been advised to remain home or self-quarantine, they should continue to comply with the Rilya Wilson Act. If daycares and schools close down, they will be unable to comply with the Rilya Wilson Act for the period of time that they are closed.  This should be considered an excused reason for the violation of the Rilya Wilson Act.


What does this mean to you? Continue to follow the requirements for Rilya Wilson families who are still attending services – reach out to the case workers and let ELCMC know if children are absent without contact from the caregiver/parent. Please use caution when communication by email and do not use child or parent/caregiver names. You can continue to upload communication to BlueJean regarding absenteeism without communication from the parent/caregiver. You can typically find case worker contact information on the School Readiness Certificate in the Provider Portal.


Upcoming Webinars of interest:

States’ Response to COVID-19 and Child Care – Part 1

Friday, April 3, 2:15-3:15 p.m. EDT

In this first part of this webinar series, we are looking at how Vermont and Minnesota are responding to the coronavirus pandemic — specifically, what decisions they’re making about child care. We’ll look at their response around emergency care, supporting families with critical child care decisions, child care subsidies and supporting providers to care for essential workers’ children. You’ll hear from Aly Richards, CEO of Let’s Grow Kids and Ann McCully, Executive Director at Child Care Aware of Minnesota.


Hi Mama Webinar: How to Set Up your Child Care for Remote Learning ß Tomorrow @ 1pm!


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