COVID-19 Update 3/24/2020

DISCLAIMER: This one of many regular updates that ELCMC is providing. This posting exists to make previous updates more easily accessible, so some information provided may now be outdated.

Good Evening Everyone,

We had a very productive provider meeting this afternoon and would like to thank everyone who was able to participate and those we were able to catch up with afterwards. We are working on the notes and compiling the great questions submitted and should have something to send out in tomorrow’s update. As each day goes by, we are getting closer to answering your questions and finding additional supports.

Below you will find the todays update:

  • Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership (CEP) is releasing a small business loan application TOMORROW (3/25/2020)! Below are the brief details we know now:
    • Loan Applications will open up on 3/25/2020 – click here:  ß we urge you to act FAST if you are interested in this opportunity as the funding will be depleted quickly!
    • Loans will be up to $25,000 per application (you can request a lesser amount)
    • The repayment period is 36 months broken into the following repayment plan:
      • Months 0-6: No Payment
      • Months 7-12: Interest only
      • Months 13-36: Principle + Interest
    • CEP believes the turn around time between application receipt, approval decision, and financial distribution will be minimal in order to help as soon as possible although no exact timeframe was given.
    • Ocala Star Banner published an article this morning with additional details: Loan program would help Marion County’s small businesses
    • Here is a short video of Tom James with CEP introducing all that CEP has to offer:
  • Parent Fee Waiver Survey and Additional Information:
    • ELCMC has received a couple of comments now regarding concerns about School Readiness Parent Fees being waived and paid out to providers by ELCMC – please provide your feedback in this 2-minute survey so we can address these concerns: Parent Fee Waiver Survey
    • We have received confirmation from OEL Executive Director, Shan Goff regarding the start date for SR Parent Fee Waivers – this will be effective April 1, 2020ELCMC will be paying you the entire ELCMC approved Market Rate for each child enrolled in your program based on Provider Type, Child Age, and Child Eligibility (FT/PT)
    • You MAY still charge SR parents ONLY your differential rate.
    • You MAY NOT charge a parent their Parent Fee + Differential
    • Differential Fees are REQUIRED to be listed on your private pay rate sheet uploaded to your Provider Profile.
    • You can find the approved Market Rate in your SR Contract located in your Provider Profile.


àGREAT IDEA: Working together to place a bulk order with an already established customer might save you both time and money and help get the supplies you need FASTER! If you are willing to work together to place a bulk order or have an account with any of the suppliers above, feel free to leave join our private Facebook group by visiting:

Join providers in connecting with one another to share resources and supports!

  • Supports while School is Out:
    • Want something engaging and FUN to try in your classroom with children AND your staff? Check out our upcoming Provider Appreciation Key Note Speaker: Ron Shuali! Ron is bringing his famous Yogarate Class to YOUR CLASSROOM! Check out his FREE session tomorrow at 10am by clicking on Ron below:

    • Marion County Public Schools has released their Student Learning Options – Feel free to utilize the packets with the appropriate age group children in your care and share with families:

Here are the links: For STUDENT LEARNING OPTIONS while classes are suspended, 

supplemental learning materials are now available at these links:

Pre-K English         Pre-K Spanish       Kindergarten          1st Grade          2nd Grade          3rd Grade          

4th Grade          5th Grade          Grades 6-12

As always – please share your questions with our team and we look forward to connecting with you tomorrow!

Thank you,

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