Report Fraud

What is Fraud?
According To Florida Statute 1002.91 Fraud is, when someone intentionally deceives, omits or misrepresents information knowing that person or someone else may receive unauthorized benefits as a result. Helping someone commit fraud is also considered fraud.

  • If you sign a child in when the child is absent in order to be paid for that day – IT’s FRAUD
  • If you ask a parent to sign a child in/out when they have not attended – IT’s FRAUD
  • If you give false information to receive payment or stay contracted for SR or VPK – IT’S FRAUD
  • If you tell a parent not to report changes to the coalition – IT’S FRAUD

If you suspect fraud, please contact us at or call 352-369-2315 Ext 214.

Fraud hurts us ALL but most especially the children we should be caring for and protecting.

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