Child Care Executive Partnership

The Child Care Executive Partnership (CCEP) program is an innovative, public/private partnership program that assists employers to meet the needs of a growing segment of their workforce – working parents.  Through this program, federal and state funding is “matched” with contributions from local governments, charitable foundations, and participating businesses on a dollar-for-dollar basis to provide child care services to participating families.

Eligibility – Employees of participating CCEP business partners whose household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.  For example, a family of four may currently earn up to $49,200 annually and still be eligible to participate.

The employee contribution is calculated based on a sliding fee scale to the child care provider. The employer contribution to child care provider is 50% of the balance remaining after the employee contribution. Finally, the CCEP Board pays the provider 50% of the balance remaining after employee contribution.

Parents choose the child care provider from more than 200 participating providers in Marion County.

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