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About Us

Our Vision Statement

Children and families in our community will have access to quality early learning programs that nurture their learning potential and prepare them for their educational success.

Our Mission Statement

To provide leadership and foster partnerships to optimize a quality early learning environment for our children through child care, voluntary pre-kindergarten and parent education.

PHOTO below:  November 2014, Circle of Parents support group at Kinderoo Children's Academy - "At the heart of our school's philosophy is community.  A sense of sharing, togetherness, openness and support.  Our Circle of Parents meeting is a great way to connect with all our families and create a genuine community spirit.  Last night's meeting was full of meaningful discussions and a special "gratitude" challenge!


The Early Learning Coalition of Marion County, Inc. began operations as the Marion County School Readiness Coalition, Inc. in 1999 when Florida legislature created School Readiness Coalitions through F.S. 411.01.  The purpose of the Coalitions state-wide is to ensure that children at risk of academic failure are provided the tools and resources to assist them in being prepared to enter school, and eligible low-income working parents can access quality child care.  The Coalition serves as a community-based planning, funding, and service coordinating organization that designs and manages an integrated system of early learning services.  The Florida Office of Early Learning (FOEL) is charged with administering the state's early learning programs and provides oversight of Florida's School Readiness programs, and is the lead entity for implementing the state's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program.  The Agency's vision for Florida is "Children Ready to Learn, Families Ready to Earn".

Services the Coalition provides in Marion County:

  • early education provider recruitment
  • early education provider professional development
  • development of community partnerships
  • Child Care Resource and Referral - CCR&R
  • school readiness program
  • Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)
  • child development and health screenings
  • child assessments
  • Success By 6, in partnership with United Way of Marion County

The Coalition is a registered not-for-profit corporation serving Marion County, Florida.  Governance is provided through a 22 member Board of Directors comprised of local business leaders from the public and private sector.

New and innovative approaches for improving the quality and availability of early education opportunities for every child in Marion County while maximizing efficiency, accountability and effectiveness remains a top priority for  the ELCMC.

Coalition Plan

Early Learning Coalitions are required to operate based on biennially plan approved by the Office of Early Learning (OEL). The detailed plan includes Coalition Operations, Implementation, Quality Activitiy and Services, Financial Management, Monitoring, and the Coalition Plan Validations.  If you would like a copy of this document, please email LaTrisha Sims, Compliance Director, at